M.Sc. Nursing (OBG, Psy, CHN)

Post Graduate programme is essential to prepare nurses to improve the quality of nursing education and practice in India.
Post graduate programme in nursing builds upon and extends competence acquired at the graduate levels, emphasizes application of relevant theories into nursing practice, education, administration and development of research skills.
The programme prepares nurses for leadership position in nursing and health fields who can function as nurse specialists, consultants, educators, administrators and researchers in a wide variety of professional settings in meeting the National priorities and the changing needs of the society.
This programme provides the basis for the post masteral programme in nursing. Further the programme encourages accountability and commitment to life long learning which fosters improvement of quality care.

The aim of the post graduate program in nursing is to prepare graduates to assume responsibilities as nurse specialists, consultants, educators, administrators in a wide variety of professional settings.
On Completion of the two year M.Sc. Nursing programme, the graduate will be able to:
l. Utilize/apply the concepts, theories and principles of nursing science.
2. Demonstrate advance competence in practice of nursing.
3. Practice as a nurse specialist.
4. Demonstrate leadership qualities and function effectively as nurse educator and manager.
5. Demonstrate skill in conducting nursing research, interpreting and utilizing the findings from health related research.

Eligibility Criteria/Admission Requirements :
(1) The candidate should be a Registered Nurse and Registered midwife or equivalent with any State Nursing Registration Council.
(2) The minimum education requirements shall be the passing of: B.Sc. Nursing/B.Sc. Hons. Nursing/Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing with minimum of 55% aggregate marks.
(3) The candidate should have undergone in B.Sc. Nursing / B.Sc. Hons. Nursing / Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing in an institution which is recognized by Indian Nursing Council.
(4) Minimum one year of work experience after Basic B.Sc. Nursing.
(5) Minimum one year of work experience prior or after Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing.
(6) Candidate shall be medically fit.
(7) 5% relaxation of marks for SC/ST candidates may be given.
(8) No Age Limit.

Entrance/Selections test
Selection of the candidates shall be based on the merit of the entrance examination held by University or competent authority.

Regulations for examination:
Eligibility for appearing for the examination:
85% of the attendance for theory and practical's. However 100% of attendance for practical before the award of degree.
Classification of results:
1. 50% pass in each of the theory and practical separately.
2. 50-59% Second division
3. 60-74% first division
4. 75% and above is distinction
5. For declaring the rank aggregate of 2 years marks to be considered.
If the candidate fails in either practical's or theory paper he/she has to re-appear for both the papers (theory and practical).
Maximum no. of attempts per subject is three (3) inclusive of first attempt.
The maximum period to complete the course successfully should not exceed 4 years.
Candidate who fails in any subject, shall be permitted to continue the studies into the second year.
However the candidate shall not be allowed to appear for the Second year examination till such time that he/she passes all subjects of the first year M.Sc nursing examination.

1. 4 hours of practical examination per student.
2. Maximum number of l0 students per day per specialty.
3. The examination should be held in clinical area only for clinical specialties.
4. One internal and external examiner should jointly conduct practical examination.
5. Examiner - Nursing faculty teaching respective specialty area in M.Sc nursing programme with minimum 3 years experience after M.Sc nursing.

Evaluation of the dissertation should be done by the examiner prior toviva. Duration of Viva-voce-minimum 30 minutes per student.

Guidelines for Dissertation
Tentative Schedule for dissertation
Activities Scheduled Time l. Submission of the research proposal End of 9 month of 1st year 2. Submission of dissertation-Final End of 9m month of 2nd Year Note: - Administrative approval and ethical clearance should be obtained.

Research Guides
(a) Qualification of Guide Main guide : Nursing faculty / nursing expert in the same clinical specialty holding Ph.D./M.Phil/M.Sc. Nursing with a minimum of 3 years experience in teaching in the Post Graduate Programme in Nursing. Co-Guide : A Co-Guide is a nursing faculty/expert in the field of study (may be from outside the college but should be within the city).
(b) Guide-Students Ratio Maximum of l:4 (including as co-guide)
(c) Research Committee There should be a research committee in each college comprising of minimum 5 members chaired by the Principal, College of Nursing.

l. Minimum pass marks shall be 50 % in each of the Theory and practical papers separately.
2. A candidate must have minimum of 80% attendance ( irrespective of the kind of absence ) in theory and practical in each subject for appearing for examination.
3. A candidate must have 100% attendance in each of the practical areas before award of degree.
4. A candidate has to pass in theory and practical exam separately in each of the papers.
5. If a candidate fails in either theory or practical paper he/she has to re-appear for both the papers (Theory and practical).
6. Maximum no. of attempts permitted for each paper is 3 including first attempt.
7. The maximum period to complete the course successfully should not exceed 4 (four) years.
8. A candidate failing in more then two subjects will not be promoted to the 2nd year.
9. No candidate shall be admitted to the subsequent Hnd year examination unless the candidate has passed the Ist year examination.
10. Maximum number of candidates for all practical examination should not exceed 10 per day.
11. Provision of Supplementary examination should be made.
12. All practical examinations must be held in the respective clinical areas.
13. One internal and One external examiners (outside the University) should jointly conduct practical examination for each student.
14. An examiner should be M.Sc (N) in concerned subject and have minimum of 3 (three) years post graduate teaching experience.
15. One internal and One external examiners (outside the University) should evaluate dissertation and jointly conduct viva-voce for each student.
16. For Dissertation, Internal examiner should be the guide and external examiner should be Nursing faculty/nursing expert in the same clinical specialty holding Ph.D./M.Phil/M.Sc. Nursing with a minimum of 3 years experience in guiding the research projects for Post Graduate students of Nursing.