Aims and Objectives

The society aims at (i) To impart education of various types and fields for the overall betterment of the individuals and hence for the welfare of the society.
(ii) To impart training/education to the needy i.e. the training/education in the form of various medical courses up to any level/nursing courses/Technical courses/Law courses/Health Programs/Formal Education of any standard, all or any of any time duration
(iii) The promotion of health and family welfare programs, (iv) To provide facilities for Para-medical Training including Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Nursing Health education and Health workers etc. The society SHTI will Endeavour;
(a) To Establish Institutions, Schools, Colleges and Training Centers, Laboratories, Research Centers and Health Clinics to impart education for the purpose referred to above.
(b) To organize camps for various family Welfare Programs, to provide Various Health Services and medical check-ups for various sections of the society.
(c) To established MCH and immunization Projects and Post Partum Centres,
(d) To conduct intelligence/Pre-admission tests and to grant scholarship and stipends to the deserving candidates.
(e) To Print, Publish and distribute Literature, Books, magazines, and newspapers to propagate the purpose for which the society stands for.
(f) To organize seminars, to discuss Health problems and to arrange educational workshops and exhibitions.
(g) To work for betterment of Medical Profession and promote the interests of individuals involved in medical services and education.
(h) To establish holiday camps for the students.
(i) To develop and arrange nutrition programs for children.
(j) To establish vocational training programs for the unemployed.