GNM Nursing (General Nursing and Midwifery)

The General nursing and Midwifery (GMM.) training Course is of 3 years duration with English as the medium of instruction. Apart from theoretical training in class rooms, the practical hospital training would be of paramount importance, The course shall also include field training in community nursing and midwifery.

Practical Hospital Training
The students/trainees will get practical hospital training in various multispeciality Hospitals i.e. Govt. as well as private Hospitals. As the practical Hospital Training is of vital importance, so, the trainees will be provided the required training worth higher standard.

The minimum requirements and courses of instructions and supervised practice recommended by Indian Nursing Council for the training course of Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery, is as under:-

Internship Period
l. Educational Methods and Media for teaching 45 in practice of Nursing
l1. Introduction to Research 40
lll. Professional Trends and Adjustment 40
IV. Administration and ward management 45
V. Health Economics - 20
Total 190

Year-wise distribution of weeks, days and hours of the course
Maximum hours per week per student shall be 36 to 40 which include classroom instructions and clinical field practice
lst Year 46 weeks l656 Hours
2nd Year 46 weeks 1656 Hours
3rd Year 46 weeks 1656 Hours
Internship 24 weeks 1152 Hours

Out of 52 weeks in one academic year, total of 6 weeks are deducted, 4 weeks vacation, l week preparatory leave, l week for examinations. Each week comprises of six days for classroom instruction as well as for clinical field practice. Six days a week and 36 hours per week comes to 1656 hours per year. Sundays and Gazetted holidays should be considered as holidays. During internship 6 days a week and 48 hours per week comes to 1152 hours in 24 weeks.

Eligibility for admission to examinations.
A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the final State Council/Board Examination if the Principal of the school certifies that:
a. She has completed not less than 11 months of the course.
b. She has attended 75% of the formal instructions given on each subject and 75% of the clinical/field experience in each area/field/subject separately during the academic year. However, the total clinical/field experience prescribed must be completed before the final Council/Board examinations and before the issue of Diploma.
c. The overall performance of the students and her conduct during the entire academic year has been entirely satisfactory.
d. The student has passed in the internal assessment in each subject, i.e. both in the theory and practicals by securing 50% marks separately in each subject and practical.
e. The record of practical experience is up to date, (The principal sends to the Council/Board the internal assessment for each subject i.e. both theory and practical, before the start of the examination along with the examination forms).
(The Diploma shall not be awarded to the student till she has completed the clinical/field requirements).

Supplementary examination
The council shall conduct supplementary examination within six months of the annual examination:-
a. If a student fails in one theory paper/practical, she may be allowed to proceed to the next year of the study. She will sit for a supplementary examination held subsequently in the failed subject/practical. If she Fails to clear supplementary examination she shall be allowed to sit again along with her next year annual examination.
b. lf a student fails in two or more papers she will not be allowed to proceed to the next year. She shall sit for supplementary examination in the Failed subjects/practicals only. But if She does not clear third year examinations, She shall be eligible for the next year's examination alter one academic year from the date of passing last examination.
c. No candidate of category (a) shall be allowed to proceed to third year (higher class), unless she has passed in the subjects of the previous year (back-log) to the second year.
d. If a student fails in one theory paper/practical examination of third year she may be allowed to proceed for internship. She will sit for a supplementary examination held subsequently in the failed subject of practical.
e. If a student fails in two or more papers/practical she will not be allowed to proceed for internshi p. She Shall sit for supplementary examination in the failed subjects/practicals only. A student shall not be allowed to proceed for internship till she clears third year examinations.

Grading of examination
Examinations shall be graded on the aggregate marks of the entire 3 and half years of the training program, as follows :
Distinction - 80% and above
First division - 70% to 79%
Second division - 60% to 69%
Pass - 50% to 59%

Examination Schedule :
(a) NORMALLY the Annual Examination shall commence with effect from 15th September every year.
(b) The Examination Forms will be submitted.
- before 20th July every year without late fees
- upto 31st July every year Rs. 5 per student(Late Fee)
- upto 3lst August every year Rs. 50 per student per day (Late Fee)
- After 31st August no examination form Shall be entertained by the competent Authority.
(c) The promotee ANM candidates will appear for all the examinations in Theory and Practical as per the scheme of examination for Fresh candidates.
(d) The promotee ANM candidates are exempted for six months during third year.
(e) The Students may write their answers in Punjabi, Hindi or English.

Eligibility For Admission To GN.M. Course:
(a) Fresh Candidates
(i) Age : The candidate must be between 17 to 35 years as on 30th of September of the year in which applying for admission.
(ii) Minimum Qualifications : Minimum Qualification shall be 12 years of Schooling (10+2) or its equivalent with 40*% marks.
(iii) Residence Status :Preference will be given to the candidates who are residents of Punjab as per Department of Personnel letters No.1/3/95-3PPI/9619, dated 6th June 1996 and No. 1/2/1995-3PII/81, dated 1st January 1999.
(iv) Medical : The candidate should be medically fit.
(v) Preference : Preference shall be given to those who have passed 10+2 or its equivalent with science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
(b) Promotees :
(i) Age : No age limit for candidates applying through proper channel, who are already in government service.
(ii) Minimum Qualifications :
(a) Candidate should be a Registered ANM with the Punjab Nurses Registration Council.
(b) The candidate should have passed 12 years of Schooling (10+2) or its equivalent.
(iii) Medical : The candidate should be medically fit.

Written Test & Interview
Admissions shall be made by a selection committee of the institute as per guidelines of the concerned authority like INC/PNRC.
The candidates are required to appear for interview along with original documents on the date as notified.
If found necessary in view of the equal merit of the candidates the institute will be holding a written test of general knowledge and of 10+2 level syllabus for selection of candidates on the date of interview itself
Appearing for written test or an interview does not mean the selection of a candidate. No correspondence will be entertained regarding the rejection of a candidate.
The selected candidates will be informed of their selection. They would be required to deposit the tees immediately after the selection.

Medical Examination
The admitted candidates are required to go through a medical examination by any Govt. or private doctor of having minimum qualification of an M.B.B.S. degree. The medical fitness certificate is must to be presented to the institute.

Preliminary Training Period
On admission to the course, each candidate undergoes a preliminary training period of three months. After three months of training each candidate has to undergo a hospital examination.
A Minimum of 50% marks are required to get through the examination.
Candidates failing to do so shall have their training terminated.

Examination During the Course
Internal Examination
(A) Minimum of 50% marks are required to pass the examination.
(B) It is compulsory to the student to sit in all the examinations conducted by the school of nursing from time to time. The Internal assessment of the student is based on these examinations. Students failing in these exams may be detained from taking the state Board/Council examination.
Punjab Nurses Registration Council Examination
The Punjab Nurses Registration Council holds an examination normally in the month of September every Year. A minimum of 50% marks are required to get through. A student is allowed to appear a maximum of three times in the state council examination, after that She will have to discontinue the training.

Examination Fees
The students shall be required to pay themselves the fee to the Punjab Nurses Registration Council for examination conducted by the council through the institution.

The Successful Candidates in the final year examination are eligible for registration with the council paying the council's fee.